The Miser and The Demon

Another great Benor tale šŸ‘šŸ˜ƒ

Annette Rochelle Aben

Benor was walking down Slip Pike Lane at a steady pace. Anybody watching himĀ might have noted that his stride was precise, each step exactly the sameĀ length as the last. Somebody particularly observant might have noticed thatĀ every ten paces, Benor made a mark on a piece of paper with an indelibleĀ pencil. At this point they might have realised that they were witnessing aĀ cartographer at work.
Slip Pike Lane is one of the streets that run parallel to Ropewalk. The
original houses were all quite large and now virtually all of them have beenĀ divided into apartments. Benor quite liked the area, the houses were solid,Ā everything looked reasonably well maintained and the people put on a braveĀ face and made the best of a very modest prosperity.Ā One house had caught Benorā€™s eye. Perhaps alone of all the houses on theĀ street it appeared to be derelict. There was no glass in the windows, thereĀ were slatesā€¦

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