Writing Tips For Worthy Scene Sequels

K.M. Allan

Last week I blogged about scenes, this week I’d like to talk about the sequels to those scenes.

If you haven’t heard of scene sequels before, be ready to have your mind blown, or at the very least, learn that there is another meaning for the word sequel in the writing world.

No, it’s not just a follow up to the first book in a series (which is something I’m currently editing my way through). A sequel in regards to scenes is a way to balance out everything significant that happens in your story.

You might already do this, you smart cookie, or you could be naturally writing sequels and not realizing it’s an actual thing writers do—in which case we can share a cookie—and the following tips for writing worthy scene sequels…

Asked And Answered

As touched on in Writing Tips For Great Scenes, the key to a good scene features…

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