Saving your Privacy

More great advice from Nicholas 😀

Nicholas C. Rossis

In my last post, I described the moves companies take in their fight against fake news. That post raised some privacy issues; issues I will further explore in today’s post. Namely, I list here 15 default settings you could change to safeguard your privacy, courtesy of the Washington Post. And the best part? It will only take 15′ of your time.

Have you ever visited an eshop, only to see ads popping up on Facebook about the very same items you were shopping for? This is made possible thanks to various tracking methods. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

As the article points out, some of their defaults are plain crazy. Google saves a map of everywhere you go. Amazon makes your wish list public — and keeps recordings of all your conversations with Alexa. Facebook exposes to the public your friends’ list and all the pages you…

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