New ghost story – A ghost and his gold part II

Robbie’s Tale continues…

Roberta Writes


Last week I posted part 1 of my new ghost story. It started life as a short story and is now approaching 9 000 words so it is a long short story. Naturally it has evolved somewhat over the course of this week and I had to re-write the second part of the beginning I shared last week (

Here is the redrafted second part and parts three and four.

The sun had crept over the horizon and bright chinks of light squeezed through cracks in the shutters in the main bedroom. The wind had dropped and Pieter opened them to let light into the cave-like room. He took a moment to reflect on how yellow the sun looked in the clear blue sky. It looked so warm and inviting but the layer of frost on the worn-down grass outside the window refuted that lie.

Pulling out his…

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