How to Get Your Book Considered for Placement in Barnes and Noble and Other Retailers – by Stephanie Chandler…

on Nonfiction Authors Association:

If you’re an independently published author and bookstore placement is a goal for you, the good news is that you have options. Barnes and Noble can be indie author-friendly, but first you need to make sure your book is ready for prime time.

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How to ensure your book gets bookstore placement consideration:


  1. B&N are just about a heartbeat away from collapsing like other retail ‘giants’ who didn’t recognize the digital revolution.
    The whole concept of returns is also part of a distribution system that benefited everyone in the chain except, you guessed it, the author.
    If you want to get your print book into a bookstore, talk to the smaller independent stores who have figured out how to survive and thrive. They’ll be far more open to your indie-published book that B&N.

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