A better mousetrap

Tallis Steelyard

A better mousetrap

This is one of those stories where I saw the end, but I wasn’t there for the beginning. Thus it is entirely possible that this poor tale doesn’t meet my usual high standards of artistic verisimilitude. A fact for which I can only apologise.

It concerns the antics of a lady called Analyn. She was born somewhere in Uttermost Partann some time ago. Now obviously, being a gentleman I would not discuss the age of a lady, but in this case nobody really knows when she was born. Just that it was quite a long time ago. It seems that she was of humble birth, but grew to be an attractive young woman and formed a ‘liaison’ with a local necromancer.

Now in Port Naain, necromancers tend to sink to the bottom of the social scale. One rarely invites them to formal affairs, and even their own families hardly ever…

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