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Clouds dark as bruises

Hide behind a smiling mask

Chill rage of tyrants

Cherished illusions shattered

Silence mourns lost innocence


There are many forms of abuse within relationships. Not all of them leave bruises, but all of them leave scars. The less visible forms of abuse are often the ones that cut deepest and are the hardest to heal and their effects can be felt decades after the abuse has ended.

Many victims of abuse do not even realise that they are being abused, because the methods, including economic control, are insidious and do not always manifest as physical violence.

The welfare of children and pets can be used by abusers as weapons of coercion. Psychological abuse damages self confidence and can eradicate all sense of self worth. Social interaction can be restricted and controlled. Economic abuse effectively places victims in a position of dependence on their abuser and…

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10 thoughts on “Stop…

  1. My mother was a victim of emotional abuse for many years. It took me a very long time to make her see what was happening. Sometimes the victim cannot recognise the abuse because it is so subtle, sometimes even after recognising, he/she does not have the support to come out of it. This is an article that really struck a chord with me. Thanks!

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    • Support makes a huge difference…and it doesn’t always need to be much to shift the balance, Abby. Your mother was lucky you were there to help. It is not just the subtlety of the abuse that makes it so difficult, it is the methods that are used that undermine the victim’s normal responses. Over a long period of time, it can make leaving or saying ‘no’ impossible without help.


      • I totally agree! I’m 26 and I’m currently in therapy for PTSD. My therapist tells me the biggest trauma I had was having to take care of my mother. Unfortunately her family was very abusive. Her mother had a condition which I believe is called Narcissistic Personality Disorder. She mentally tortured my mother for years. It took a very long time for me to break the cycle of abuse. You’re absolutely right- the technique that her family used your typical “hot-and-cold” where you can’t really pinpoint what’s going on. All I knew is that they were trying to break her and I didn’t let them. Thank you for writing about this! I really appreciate it!

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