#Writephoto – Imagination: I, me, myself and mine

An apologue from Robbie 😎

Robbie's inspiration

Give and Take did not expect to have triplets so soon after the birth of their daughter, I. The work and effort involved in feeding and caring for four young children under the age of three years old left Give with little energy to spare for life instruction. As a result, the task of teaching the four youngsters fell largely to Take. Give and Take named their three sons, Me, Myself and Mine.

Give and Take were opposites in natures. Give always thought of others and gave of herself to a point that it was detrimental to herself. She never had any “me” time and devoted herself entirely to the care of her family. Take, on the other hand, was a rather selfish character. He knew how to manipulate others to ensure he got the best of everything on offer. Gives self inflicted slavery to her family left her with…

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