Estuarine excitements

Tallis Steelyard

aquatic tripod

If Stillitoe Cloudwiller had been freer with his cash none of this would have happened. The problem with Stillitoe is that he always had to have a bargain. He was notorious for always haggling. Indeed it was obvious that he treasured his reputation, and would haggle when haggling wasn’t necessary.

I remember on one occasion, Gumption Silvernant promised me that he would pay for the printing of two hundred copies of a book of my poetry, but only if I could get Stillitoe Cloudwiller to purchase five copies at the full price.

Now I realise that Gumption Silvernant is a notorious miser but he is not without honour. If he gives his word (and you’ll not catch him giving anything else,) he sticks to it.
So I went to Stillitoe and asked him to buy five copies at full price. I explained the situation. He was sympathetic, but pointed out…

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