Being a Writer Is the Fastest Way to Starve to Death – by Erica Verrillo…

on Publishing … and Other Forms of Insanity:

When my son was contemplating various professions, I told him, “Whatever you do, don’t become a writer. It’s the fastest way to starve to death.”

It turns out I was right. (I hate being right all the time.)

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7 thoughts on “Being a Writer Is the Fastest Way to Starve to Death – by Erica Verrillo…

  1. I’ve always said that the way to make a small fortune from writing is to start with a large one. This has been true since forever, unless you’re lucky enough to write ‘The Of Vinci Code’ or something (I know what I wrote there). The problem of late has been the alteration of the cost-return calculation that has gone with the advent of online content, coupled with the democratisation of the industry via Amazon, in which the older barrier to publishing (getting selected by a publisher) has gone. On my own experience over the past while, traditional publishing still earns more than self-publishing (or putting one’s trad back-list up on Amazon).

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  2. It says, if you read the entire article, that this is for literary and mid-list authors. No word on self-published til the last paragraph. The top ten percent of writers earn $105,000 self-published and $305,000 traditional. Of course, I realize that being in the top ten percent is a dream in itself, lol.

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  3. Chris, those numbers looked a bit high to me: $6K to 10K median???

    But then I thought about it: Are they including self-pubbers? My guess is that they’re not. The # of commercial publishers in the US is probably somewhere in the rough range of 500? (pure guesswork here) while the # of self-pubbers is perhaps 5,000?

    If self pubbers were included and the median was chosen… I think the figures would be a LOTTTTTT lower: remember, there are a lot of self pubbers who just put out a single book that never really sells more than a dozen copies because it’s either really bad, really niche-specialized, or really, REALLY poorly promoted. (Again going on some guesswork, but I’ve picked up that feeling over the years from various emails etc.)


    – MJM, founder/CEO/Sole-Employee/er AEthna Press Inc.

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