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Life in the Realm of Fantasy

I have mentioned (several times) one of my mistakes in naming characters. In the Tower of Bones Series, I have a main character named Marya. She is central to the series. Also, in the first book, a side character was important enough to have a name. My mind was in a rut when I thought that one up because I named her Marta.

You can see why this is bad—the two names are nearly identical.

To really confuse things, halfway through the first draft of the second book in the series, Marta suddenly was a protagonist with a major storyline. She actually becomes Marya’s mother-in-law in the third book. Fortunately, I was in the final stage of editing book one, Tower of Bones, for publication, and immediately realized I had to make a major correction: Marta was renamed Halee.

In my family, “Robert” is a name with a great…

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  1. Fantasy and Sci-Fi always have made up names for characters and places. Drives me nuts when you can’t figure out how they’re pronounced. If they’re too crazy, the author needs to put a key at the front of the book, or something to help. Even somewhat regular names can cause problems. When I first read Harry Potter, I thought Hermione was Her-mee-oh-nee, because I’d never encountered it before. When I as a kid, I thought Desiree was Dee-zy-ree. Ha!

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