Taking Cardinal Wolsey through a mile and a half of Victorian sewer-pipe : #Harecastle #Tunnel

Watch the videos in Ian’s original blog post for an experience of a lifetime 😱

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

By the time I emerged at the northern end of the tunnel into the gloomy January winter daylight I had become so tunnel-institutionalised that for a few seconds I felt like an earthworm without the earth around him, the sort that you see struggling in puddles on pavements, I felt horribly exposed.

The welcome leaflet from the Canal & River Trust occifer on duty at the southern end of the tunnel tells me that it is 2,528 metres long, or 2,926 yards in old money. One and two-thirds miles, if you’re going to be snitty about it. Passage took me roughly forty minutes.

Rather delightfully the leaflet reads:

If you have not come out of the tunnel after one hour and fifteen minutes  we will monitor your progress [how?] and decide whether or not to call the emergency services.

If you are in trouble, the alarm signal is to…

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4 thoughts on “Taking Cardinal Wolsey through a mile and a half of Victorian sewer-pipe : #Harecastle #Tunnel

  1. As I went through this tunnel I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if it were to be required and built today. Would it be bright, white, full of escape routes and mobile-phone signal repeaters? It was certainly an amazing experience to be nearly 200 metres underground and thousands of metres away from daylight and fresh air – in my home! 🙂

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