#Interestinghistory – The back-to-backs of Birmingham Part 3

Roberta Writes

The last two houses in our tour of the back-to-backs of Birmingham were replicas of times during the 20th century.

The first house was set in the 1930’s when it has inhabited by George Mitchell. Very interestingly, three generations of the Mitchell family lived in Court 15 over a period of 95 years. This was unusual as people living in central Birmingham moved, on average, every 18-months. George Mitchell was a locksmith as was his father, Benjamin, and his grandfather, Thomas, who moved to Court 15 with his wife Ann in 1840.

This is a picture of the table in George Mitchell’s house, set with everyday items from the 1930’s.


In George’s house, there was also an old pram very like the one that my mother received as a Christmas present and which is described in our book, While the Bombs Fell. This is the relevant extract:

“Elsie slipped through…

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