If I never hire another musician!

Worse than working with animals or kids 😱

Tallis Steelyard

the musicians brawl

Frankly I would never have hired them anyway, had it not been for Calina Salin. She described them to me as sounding like a choir of lesser divinities. When I asked about their behaviour she dismissed my worries out of hand. I remember her very words. “Charming, polite, afraid to say boo to a goose.” Given I’ve seen her kick an errant musician into the middle of the following week, in retrospect I should not have been reassured by her comment.

Still I had to organise something for Mistress Bellin Hanchkillian. She had specifically specified musicians; so I needed musicians and Calina had recommended these musicians. So I sent word to see if they were available to hire on that evening, and they claimed they were. It was that simple. How easily do we fall into the traps fate strews for the unwary?

It was the day before the event…

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