Handover Notes For Writers

K.M. Allan

As the year comes to a close and December flies by faster than Santa’s sleigh, most of us do one of two things; rush to cram in everything before taking a break, or, do nothing because it’s easier to relax into a candy cane coma than finish plotting chapter twelve.

There’s nothing wrong with slowing down at this time of year, or any time you need a break. It’s coming back from that break and wasting time playing catch up when the New Year hits and the sugar has cleared your system. That’s when handover notes could be just what you need.

What Are Handover Notes?

If you haven’t heard of them, handover notes are what you leave for a work colleague so they can do your job while you’re gone. How it works for writers is present-you gives future-you all the info you’ll need to jump back into your WIP…

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