The wreck of the Dancing Queen

Another Port Naain tale of clever deviousness 😃

Tallis Steelyard


If you walk out from the Old Esplanade and cross the sands of the Paraeba Estuary, you’ll come across what the shore combers call ‘the first hulk.’ Actually this is all that remains of that fine ship, the Dancing Queen. Or rather it’s the remains of the ship’s strong room.

Now you might wonder how a ship came to have a strong room of this size. This is due to the last owner, Sturwright Oeltang. He was a usurer with ‘considerable business interests’ in Partann. Now this sounds eminently respectable, but in reality he was a receiver of stolen goods on a massive scale. Indeed at this point the Oeltang family were not, alas, considered respectable and society shunned them, save when money had to be borrowed or investment opportunities presented themselves. Sturwright would send the Dancing Queen south to the fjords of Uttermost Partann. There, this lightly built boat…

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