Only Seven Days Until Soul Taker Is Available!

Pre-order is available – check out the trailer in AJ’s original blog post 😃

Writer's Treasure Chest

The ‘Soul Taker’ Countdown is on!

Book #1 of ‘The Council Of Twelve Series’ will be published

December 15, 2018

Currently ‘Soul Taker’ can be pre-ordered: 

After long years in the line of duty as a ‘Soul Taker’, Kate is worn out.

When she gets a new job offer from the ‘Powers Above’, she accepts her new job as a Guardian gratefully without knowing that her teacher is one of the most powerful beings in existence, the Archangel Raphael.

Along with Raphael, she takes on her new task and the connection between them grows.

Raphael helps, protects and supports Kate, but suddenly, she becomes a target for the Demons of Hell.

Raphael realizes that Kate means more to him than he expected, which causes him to fight furiously against danger. If he fails, Kate’s future will contain eternal darkness, evil, and torture.

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7 thoughts on “Only Seven Days Until Soul Taker Is Available!

  1. The concept seems wonderful and the trailer is alluring. One can’t help wondering, though, why it has been decided to name the book as it should have been for a prequel covering her role as Soul Taker? Why not ‘Guardian’?

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        • Hello Leslie,

          Thank you very much for your compliments on the concept and trailer of ‘Soul Taker.’

          I understand your curiosity about the title. This is the first book in The Council Of Twelve series, and Kate is, indeed one of the key characters. She does not only show up in this book but will be an important part of the series. Kate has a history I haven’t told too much about yet, and the coming books might reveal unexpected secrets about her work and existence as a ‘Soul Taker.’

          I hope, this answer will satisfy your curiosity for the time being. I’d be honored if you would dive into the series with me, find out more about Kate’s history and why I picked that particular title for her story.

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