And so it begins (cue portentous music)

Jim Webster

And so it begins

Obviously coyotes and roadrunners don’t really feature in our local ecology, but like many, I grew up with them. The animated antics of the two internationally famous protagonists kept us all amused. Indeed I’m still a fan.


But still, it’s great but it’s not real life. We have chase scenes here but I’ve never yet seen gravity temporarily put on hold for artistic effect.

Sal hunting is a sight to see. She’ll be quietly bimbling about whilst I’m walking around looking stock and suddenly she’ll catch a scent. She’ll stop and look in the direction the scent is coming from.

Now the problem is, she’s not the tallest of dogs. She struggles to see over tall grass, never mind sedges and other things. So she’ll run towards the source of the scent but occasionally you’ll see her bound upwards so she can see where she’s going and perhaps catch a…

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