You can’t tie knots in ropes that are frozen solid – and you can’t untie frozen knots that are already there #narrowboat #England

A canal update from that Cool Dude, Ian Hutson 👍😃

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

Things were a bit chilly this morning.

When I picked up my centre-line it was frozen solid from one end to the other, it just sort of pivoted and didn’t even sag in the middle. Ropes that won’t bend present certain disadvantages, not only in the handling of them but in the fact that you can’t tie a knot in a solid “rod” of rope, and you can’t untie knots that were already there when the rope got wet and was then frozen.

The Cardinal and I did eventually get moving though. A couple of hundred yards ahead to the service point for water, rubbish and gazunders, then immediately through Penkridge lock and onwards, just over eight miles and five locks. The Cardinal et moi dropped 43′ in locks, including two ‘orrible ones, one of 10′ 0″ drop and the last one of the day at 10’ 3″ drop. That’s…

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3 thoughts on “You can’t tie knots in ropes that are frozen solid – and you can’t untie frozen knots that are already there #narrowboat #England

  1. We do appreciate the trials and tribulations of Capt. Hutson aboard the Cardinal Wolsey. Personally, I was more concerned about the locks once he got underway. Safe navigating away from wall scribbles and motorways overhead. Still can’t find him on the map.

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    • I’ll find a map that shows a decent level of detail, and bung it on a blog post, SinDe. It can be a bit spooky working through the locks alone, especially since most of them are also in the middle of nowhere, but I am very, very careful (annd it needs must be done if I want to move about). I take no risks (other than the unavoidable ones of just using a lock)! 🙂

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