…and the cat wins again

Two on a Rant

I pick it up, he knocks it down,

my desk is clean, I turn around,

there’s cat hair wedged within the keys

and claw marks decorate my knees.

He chews upon my tortured desk,

with muddy paws he scars the rest.

My phone is pushed onto the ground

it’s once white keys now dirty brown.

I cringe — he’s sharpening his claws,

there’s nothing left for him to maul!

He sits so I can’t see my screen…

and nonchalantly starts to preen.

As if to say, “I win again,”

his eye betray a vengeful grin,

for he has much to celebrate…

there’s nothing left to decimate.

©Joelle LeGendre

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9 thoughts on “…and the cat wins again

  1. Cats rule their humans and their environment. My two kitties are mad at me because I have been feeding a stray who now visits our back yard every morning waiting for food. He or she is so skittish, making me wonder if he/she has been mistreated by humans in the past. I hope my two fur babies will come to accept the visitor.

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