The Book and Wine Drinking Club drink wine and read a spot of my ‘Cheerio, and thanks for the apocalypse’ #narrowboat #author #England

Newsflash from Ian Hutson Narrowboatman, Blogger and Author 👍

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

Left to right, thank you to Heather, Margaret, SinDe, Chance, Kate, Robyn, and Carolyn! The Book and Wine Drinking Club members and temporary members a.k.a. friends and passers by. Cheers chaps!

Real people reading my books! In this instance SinDe was kind, reckless, dashing, daring …brave enough to read from “And They Think That I’m Insane”, one of the stories in Cheerio &etc.  I think that they enjoyed it. I hope that they enjoyed it. I have no information on the wine involved. Hitherto with my fan club and groupies it’s not been wine so much as it has been Carlsberg Special Brew and/or Methylated Spirits with an Irn Bru mixer, shaken not stirred and no olive.

Details of the Book and Wine Drinking Club (ought that not to be the Wine Drinking and Book Club, really, acknowledging the club’s priorities?) may be found by clicking back there, earlier…

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3 thoughts on “The Book and Wine Drinking Club drink wine and read a spot of my ‘Cheerio, and thanks for the apocalypse’ #narrowboat #author #England

  1. Thank you so much for sharing our Book and Wine Drinking Club’s celebration of ‘Cheerio! and thanks for the apocalypse.’ Ian Hutson is our author of the month. Of course, we had no idea that patrons of the restaurant/bar were going to join us in giggles and laughter as I read my favorite story aloud. What a hit it was. The entire group including a cook from the back, a bartender, and unknown smiling persons raised a glass in honor of our favorite author.

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    • Gadzooks, not I am not only blushing but I feel the need to go and do something grubby, such as check the engine, batteries and stern bilges! Thank’ee kindly ma’am, If only my pleas of mitigation in re the current charges of “Tottering unnecessarily around England’s canal” could be received so well, but there is a hanging judge presiding and my chances of anything less than a ten shilling fine are not good. 😉

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