Sneaking past Barad-dûr and on towards Ricketty, Racketty and Ruddy Rodbaston #narrowboat #England

An update on the meanderings of Ian, on the canals 😀

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

The day of yester dawned with only the mildest of breezes, so the Cardinal and I mooched on. First port of call was about three hundred yards from our bow; the water taps and wotnots of Gailey.

The “Water Taps & Wotnots of Gailey” are an interesting exercise in wide domestic variety. There are two water-points, one of which actually has “tap” taps, and is thus but microscopically useful for boats looking to hook up their hosepipes to fill their main tanks, the other waterpoint has been swathed by …one of the locals… (nuff said) in the remains of an old seat cushion, presumably the better to stop it freezing. I moored us near the latter, and made good, if discreet use of that wonderful invention of mankind, the anti-septic wipe (and a damned good run-through) before hooking up the hosepipe.

Not to put too fine a point on it…

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One thought on “Sneaking past Barad-dûr and on towards Ricketty, Racketty and Ruddy Rodbaston #narrowboat #England

  1. Thank’ee! With this dull weather I am having to run the Cardinal’s engine at the moment to feed the batteries… and being so close to houses, I am not fond of that. A chap has just been at his window, regarding the Cardinal (and the other boats, we’re bow to stern along here) – I do hope that we are not moored near or upsetting a NIMBY… was he just looking, I wonder, or was he doing his best to be agressively passive, or passively aggressive? Whichever, I shall do what a chap on a boat has to do, and if he objecteth, then he really ought not to have bought a house backing onto a canal mooring! Time will tell. Fingers crossed, especially if I am stuck here for a few bad-weather days! 😉

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