Reviews are the life-blood of sales on Amazon – and all of my books are anaemic! #narrowboat #England

Reminder to Readers

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

The latest, Cheerio, and thanks for the apocalypse, does have reviews – two stunning and much-appreciated reviews, one on Amazon “UK” and one on Amazon US. I need more, many, many more… 😉 It’s all want want want with me, isn’t it? Incessant demands in the style of Violet Elizabeth.

Why are reviews important? Because Amazon, behemoth of the interwebnet, changes the way it offers a book to its customers once aforesaid book reaches twenty-five, fifty and such numbers onwards. Twenty-five reviews gets a book on the “customers also looked at” and “customers also bought” suggestions on other book pages. Without a significant bundle of reviews a book is never shown to customers unless they specifically search for it themselves. Reviews sell books, and I would like so very, very much to sell my books!

A request: if you’ve been kind enough to purchase a copy (and you don’t share…

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