Affray, tunnels that really weren’t, llamas that really were, and rare “selfies” that ought never to have been #narrowboat #England…

The bright lights and attractions of Gnosall can only hold a chap in thrall for so long, so so long, Gnosall, and thanks for the memories.

Speaking of memories, there was Sunday morning for one. The Cardinal was moored up just back from the Gnosall water-point (quite legitimately and politely, but also cunningly within long hosepipe distance). Two boats were moored on the water-point, had been for some time and looked as though they intended to stay until Spring – mooring on a water-point (and thus denying others use of it) is a hanging offence on the canals, although not enough folk are hanged for it to my mind, too many get away.

Well, the morning being dull, grey and apparently free from madding crowds, I thought that I would take the opportunity to top off the tank, the better to make a swift exit when the mood came upon me. No sooner had I stepped off the boat, hose-pipe reel in hand, than all merry hell broke loose.

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2 thoughts on “Affray, tunnels that really weren’t, llamas that really were, and rare “selfies” that ought never to have been #narrowboat #England…

  1. The forecast winds have arrived here in Stepford, I mean in Wheaton Aston, and I fear that after all of this hectic activity for two days I shall be marooned here for a day or four more, until thiings settle. If only the canals were wider I could hoist a sail, and tack. Thank you indeed, Mr Ape, your share is most appreciated – oh, and Mr Big has asked me to tell you that your share of the loot from the last job will be in the usual place, in unmarked used, mixed-denomination notes. Father used to play the organ at church in mixed denomination notes, but nobody minded, he put such gusto into the hallelujahs.

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