A Writer’s Guide… to being a Reporter – by M.S. Miller…

on Ari Meghlen blog:

The newsroom is probably one of the most unique workplaces anywhere. Its the one place where the employees have no idea from one day to the next what they will be doing.

You will be writing something, but many times you have no clue what it will be about. Then an assignment comes in and the reporter is suddenly thrust into a situation of having to learn all that he or she can about the subject, then writing down the interesting and important parts with little to no margin for error.

Most depictions of reporters are terribly antiquated, right down to the press card sticking out of the fedora.

Modern reporters deal with different challenges than reporters shown in the movies and on television, and seldom carry the haughty and jaded personalities that are so common in entertainment.

The reality, as with many things in life, is far more nuanced. It is a struggle in an ultra-competitive field, where the writers who adapt quickly to the trade (and not necessarily the most-talented writers) are the ones who succeed.

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