Book Promo – ‘Call of the Druids’ by Fiona Tarr…

Authors find their writing inspiration in the strangest of places and mine often comes from movies or TV. I’m not actually a big reader which many people find really strange for a writer. I can’t say exactly why; maybe because I’m a visual person but movies and TV often guide my imagination and writing style.

This was the case for my latest release Call of the Druids. The style for this story was inspired by the Television Series Shadow Hunters; taken from the novels written by Cassandra Clare. Deep down I was hoping my new series would be picked up by television but hey, everyone has to have dreams right!

This latest book is a departure from my previous series as it has a young adult protagonist. Some would say its young adult fantasy, but I would also describe it as light adult fantasy. The story begins with Ariela, the daughter of two characters from my Covenant of Grace series. Ariela joins with the Angel Raziel on a crusade to save Druid magic. The story has the beginnings of a new concept I believe past and new readers will enjoy. The story is fast paced and set in Celtic Galatia in the times of St Paul and the occupation of the Roman Empire.

With a complete meshing of history, ancient religions and magic, there is something in Call of the Druids for every fantasy reader.

Call of the Druids will be available at 99c for the first week of release. For the first month, readers can buy the e-book on all digital platforms, but Call of the Druids will be going into Kindle Unlimited after the 27thNovember.



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