To put my current cruisings into context and perspective – maps! #narrowboat #England

In case you were wondering where Ian does his wandering 😃

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

For the short version of where the Cardinal and I have been and where we are headed, ignore the text and look at the maps.

For the long version, the more accurate version, read the text. 🙂

There is a ball of mud, rock and iron whirling in space, turning about a lopsided axis at something approaching 1,000 mph, at the equator. As this ball spins it is circling around a yellow star, a ball of nuclear fusion, and it is circling at a speed of some 67,000 mph. This yellow star, with the planet Earth circling it, is rotating within something we call the “Milky Way” (bloody stupid, juvenile name!) and is circling relative to that at 448,000mph. The Milky Way is also moving, relative to the “big bang” and relative to its neighbours. In fact, mildly interestingly, the Milky Way is on a collision course with its nearest…

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2 thoughts on “To put my current cruisings into context and perspective – maps! #narrowboat #England

  1. Thank’ee, sir! I thought that it might help if I blogged about where I was, so that when I forget I can just look up my last known position… It’s a bit like my name. Whenever I forget that I just ask the nurse on the front desk to check the files and they tell me who I am and which ward I ought to be asleep in… 😉

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