Raven’s Wrath Part 28 #horror #thriller #Halloween – by Charles Yallowitz…

The ATV skids as they make a sharp turn and narrow miss getting hit by a trio of beer bottles. Checking over her shoulder, Dawn sees that the enormous mob is still following them and seems to have grown. She hears Kara cough behind her and reaches back to touch the girl’s side, which is covered in blood from a stab wound. Cursing at her reckless escape, she is about to suggest finding a place to hide when a bullet strikes the ground to their left. Picking up a flare gun that had been left on the ATV, Dawn stretches her arm and blindly fires in the hopes of hitting the shooter. The blast of fire is bigger than she ever imagined, but the entranced people continue rushing through the flames. Spotting another turn in the road, she decides to go over the small hill and take her chances traveling along the rocky coastline. Another shot rings out and a hole is punched in a birch that they are passing, the damage being at the same height as Kara’s head. Veering from side to side, Dawn struggles to avoid the rocks and trees that are packed just tight enough to make it a harrowing experience. Looking back, she can see the mob flowing into the forest, but only the ones on motorcycles and their own ATVs are able to move quickly through the wilderness. To her relief, they show very little concern with their own safety and several of them crash.

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