Raven’s Wrath Part 27 #horror #thriller #Halloween – by Charles Yallowitz…

“We’ll handle it right away,” Melissa declares before leaving the tent.

Startled by the sudden change of scenery, Dawn looks in every direction and touches her body to find that she is fully healed. Hearing voices outside, she reaches out to touch the dark green wall and press it enough to convince herself that she is not dreaming. The tent shakes when a breeze strikes it and the flap opens to briefly reveal a vast camp sitting among the ruins of a small town. The smell of the ocean hits the woman’s nose, which twitches at the memory of being chased across the bridge. A pile of damp hand towels are next to her cot and she wipes away beads of sweat from her forehead. Within seconds, Kara is out of her sleeping bag and putting a wet cloth on Dawn’s face. Having not noticed the girl until now, she is overcome with relief and joy that she is unable to control. She gives her friend a tight hug and is thankful that the embrace is returned. Warm tears fall on both of their shoulders and they are unsure which ones belong to who.

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