Raven’s Wrath Part 25 #horror #thriller #Halloween – by Charles Yallowitz…

Bubbles rise from Dawn’s mouth as she clings to Kara and tries to see in the darkness of the ocean. Stinging salt forces her to blink and the sensation of water around her body abruptly disappears. It is replaced by cold sand that continues to move like an undersea current and gradually carry her to the surface. Stretching an arm through the coarse grains, she desperately tries to get her fingers into the open air while her sore legs propel her with what little strength she has left. Feeling a breeze on her knuckles, Dawn gives one more kick and she bursts out of the earth with a gasp. She is barely aware of being in the middle of a vast desert as she scrambles to free herself and Kara. The sun quickly rises and batters the pair with a heat that forces the woman to crawl towards a nearby rocky outcropping. Bloated bodies gradually appear in the sand and bob in place as if they are still in the ocean. A few quivering hands punch through the desert, but they never make it further than the elbow before they fall limp. Focused on getting into the shade, Dawn pushes herself to stand and mindlessly walks over the corpses that are in her way. The squish of flesh is combined with the snap of brittle bones and the shards pierce her bare feet. The shocks of pain give her enough of a jolt to help her avoid passing out and succumbing to the heat.

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