Raven’s Wrath Part 23 #horror #thriller #Halloween – by Charles Yallowitz…

Coming around a bend in the narrow path, Dawn and Kara stop at the sight of hundreds of people walking along a wide road. Vehicles roll slowly along in the midst of the bodies, the drivers honking the horn in the hopes of getting more space. The black asphalt is cracked and covered in potholes that threaten to snap the ankles of those who stumble into them. Gulls sing like wrens as they fly above the crowd, the opportunistic birds diving at any food that catches their eyes. Children scream and cry as they lose their snacks to the animals, which causes small fights to break out within the tense herd. Gunshots ring out from time to time, but there is no way to locate the source of the noise. For five minutes, a large pack of people wearing matching robes walks along with outsiders forced to stay on the edges. A tall woman with short hair screams scripture that speaks of Addison and Ian being born from humanity’s sins and acting as divine punishments for the species. Her voice gets louder and deeper as those on the fringe shout their disagreements. Eventually, a brawl breaks out with the outsiders being either dragged into the robed pack or shoved off the road. Those captured reemerge minutes later chanting along with their new leader while their exiled friends remain curled in balls in the dirt. Nobody tries to help the fallen, who begin wailing and cursing humanity in general.

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