Raven’s Wrath Part 22 #horror #thriller #Halloween – by Charles Yallowitz…

Not finding Dawn in the shed, Kara takes her time getting off the creaky cot and packing up her belongings. She stops at the sight of folded fabric on a shelf that has a note with her name on it taped to the side. Still groggy from a restless night, it takes the girl a minute to realize that she has been given clean clothes. Curious and excited, she strips off her dirt-covered garments and uses a bucket of water in the corner to wash herself. Haphazardly drying herself off, Kara puts on the jeans, green t-shirt, and sandals. She stops when she gets to the bottom of the pile and finds a pair of underwear, which she considers stuffing into her bag. Feeling foolish for the thought, she finishes getting dressed and grabs her baseball cap off a box. After a final check of the shed, the girl hurries into the canvas tunnel, which is shaking due to a mild breeze. Spots of light are all over the pathway and she can hear the faint jingling of the charms, which are tiny shadows against the colorful walls.

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