Raven’s Wrath Part 21 #horror #thriller #Halloween – by Charles Yallowitz…

The front door creaks open and a marionette is launched out to land in the mud a few feet away from Dawn. Standing near the edge of the clean area, she crosses her arms and turns towards the puppet. As the door slams shut, the limp figure’s joints creak even though it remains motionless. Leaning closer, she sees that it is the cashier, but there is a small hole in the back of its head. With its grinning face turning to the sky, the marionette shudders in the muck as its strings worm through the grass. Dawn moves away and draws her knife, but is unsure of where she can effectively stab the animated puppet. Moving faster than expected, an awkward swing of its hand knocks the weapon into the gas-filled area. It cocks its head to the side and stares at the blade, which is tuck in the seat of a rusty bike. The strings erupt from the mud and connect to a small cloud that is in the shape of a slender hand. With a bow to Dawn, the marionette hurries to get her knife and kneels to present it to her like it is a sword.

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