24 hours in a blasted, post-apocalyptic, internet-denuded wasteland – with cows… #narrowboat #England

The latest from The Phantom of The Locks (Ian Hutson)

No this is NOT a photo of Ian

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

Cheshire, Shropshire, whatever county it is that I was in. Lush, green, intensively farmed, and virtually devoid of mobile interwebnet signal! Can you believe it? There I was, sitting on a Victorian canal system, in my boat, and I could barely access the world of electronic make-believe…

Oh, there were ruddy marvellous vistas and utterly bucolic views, and even an absence of the damnable “Shroppie Shelf”, don’t misunderstand me. 😉 I mooched through the last two locks of Audlem’s fifteen and along a spot of canal to get there, but how can a chap be expected to feel plugged in to the human global buzz if he can barely see his emails and can’t upload so much as a trilogigabyte-sized photograph?

1P1150671 Early(ish)-morning “ton-up” activity on the Shropshire Union. You don’t get me, I’m part of the Union. I have found the Union Gap.

We locked.

1P1150661 Escaping Audlem’s fifteen.

We bridged.

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2 thoughts on “24 hours in a blasted, post-apocalyptic, internet-denuded wasteland – with cows… #narrowboat #England

  1. Thank you, sir! I always find cows to be slightly disturbing, it’s something to do with the way they make and hold eye contact… they have a sort of “knowing” look, and I worry what it might be that they know… 😉

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