Raven’s Wrath Part 15 #horror #thriller #Halloween – by Charles Yallowitz…

The horizon shudders as a large chunk of the earth rises up and part of the sky bends forward. With a loud crash, the enormous expanse slams down as if somebody has folded the landscape. The blast of force sends dirt, plants, and animals flying towards the caravan, which is struggling to get the vehicles out of the defensive circle. Tents are abandoned and fires are left burning as the people scramble to pack the necessities. Melissa stands atop an armored motorhome and yells into a megaphone, but her voice is drowned out by the screams and howling winds. The rolling wall of debris is nearly upon the broken campsite when everyone leaps for cover. Bears and moose that were caught in the blast are slammed against the trucks, those that are alive going berserk and becoming a danger to anyone nearby. All of the tents are hurled into the sky, including those that have people cowering inside. Unable to save them, the survivors give up on packing and pile into the vehicles that roar to life. Instead of a neat and organized departure, the caravan heads out as a chaotic mob that bounces over the uneven ground.

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