Your Guide to Literary Road Trips Across America [infographic]…

Referred to me by, Keilah Keiser

Road trips are at the heart of American culture. From the pioneers who chased the Gold Rush out west, to college students who trade their academic obligations for the freedom of the summer, thousands of like-minded Americans hit the open road for a similar reason — the adventure.

A journey by car is a different kind of travel, providing a freeing feeling where you can call all of the shots. Many authors who have written classic literary novels aren’t all that different, with stories exploring national parks, new cities, and cultural events.

Inspired by road trips of the past, we turned to well-known works of literature to recreate the routes to some of the most infamous road trips across North America. Create new stories of your own by using our maps that follow the narrative of famous works in American literature. How many road trips can you recreate?

Continue reading and see the infographic HERE


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