Setting Up a Book Launch for Success – by Christina Delay…

on Jami Gold site:

Intro by Jami:

As authors, our focus is usually on our stories. We love thinking about our characters, writing craft, and storytelling. However, there’s more to being a successful author than just writing. *cue groans*

If any of our measures of success include growing our readership, we also have to figure out how to best find and market our book to readers who will love our story. And that means we have to think like entrepreneurs a bit.

(Believe me, I understand the groans—I’m terrible with the marketing aspect too. *smile* That’s why I bring in expert guest posters like Christina Delay to help us all.)

Over the past few months, Christina has shared her advice on reaching our readers on Facebook, using Google AdWords, and how to have fun with our marketing. (But if you really hate marketing stuff or need more assistance, read past Christina’s bio at the bottom of this post for a special offer of help! *grin*)

While we might not enjoy the marketing aspect of bringing our story to the world, we can benefit from thinking like a business person by taking cues from the business world rather than reinventing the wheel. For example, the launching of a new book has many similarities to how businesses launch a new product.

Today, Christina is back to share her marketing insights. What can we learn about how to set up successful book launches by looking at what businesses do for successful product launches?

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