What Do You Want to Write But Haven’t Yet? – by Jami Gold…

I saw an interesting question on Twitter by author Delilah S. Dawson the other day:

“Is there anything you’ve wanted to write that you haven’t attempted yet? Themes, characters, genres?”

As authors, we often have more ideas for stories than we actually write. Some we might not write because we realize we’re not passionate enough about the idea to put in the work of actually writing the story. But for some ideas, we might have other reasons behind our decision to not write.

Delilah’s question prompted me to think about those “other” reasons. Why might we not write a story idea that we’re passionate about—and is there anything we can do to overcome those reasons?

Let’s take a look at a list of reasons we might have for not writing a story idea we love and see how we might approach overcoming each of those reasons.

The list below is just off the top of my head and bound to be incomplete, so please add other reasons you can think of in the comments. *smile*

Continue reading, and leave your comments under Jami’s original article HERE


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