Whisper it softly

A little tour of a Port Naain – attraction? 🤔

Tallis Steelyard


The Pillared Court in Port Naain is one of our lesser known architectural beauties. It forms part of the building that houses the Council of Sinecurists, the wealthy and philanthropic men and women who aspire to govern the city.

Obviously they need time away from the Council Chamber to ponder matters of weight. Equally obviously they cannot remain closeted in their personal offices within the building. Not only are these somewhat on the small side; but stay in your office too long and folk begin to suspect you are aloof, or even worse, plotting.
When the weather is fine, Sinecurists can walk amidst the bowers and pleasaunces of the gardens that grace the side of the hill. This activity is spiritually uplifting, invigorating and offers unparalleled opportunities for carefully planned ‘chance’ meetings and private conversations. Should however the weather be less clement, what then?
The Pillared Court was built to…

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