How To Write In Deep POV

K.M. Allan

As a writer who has spent the last few years drafting a four book YA series, I thought I’d gained a good grasp on how to write.

I’d ironed out the head hopping that embarrassingly featured way too much in my first drafts. I’d mastered ending each chapter with a cliffhanger. And I’d worked out writing from a multi-character point of view (POV) was my thing.

So earlier this year when I received another publisher rejection for book one, I realized maybe nailing just those things wasn’t all I had to do.

Knowing my submission draft needed work but not knowing what kind (thank you generic rejection letter that gave no feedback, you were so helpful!), I turned to my trusty team of talented beta readers.

Through their feedback, I learned my book was missing two important things.

1) A proper balance of showing and not telling.
2) Deep…

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