A long drop and a short philosopher

Tallis Steelyard


To the west of Port Naain, the cliffs curve round to the north above Nightbell point. The cliff tops are quite popular as a picnic destination in summer, but personally I feel that the place really has to be seen in autumn as the gales roll in from the ocean and the great breakers smash against the foot of the cliffs.

Many years ago there was a castle, now ruinous, and it adds a certain stark romance to the venue.

Quite a lot of years ago, (I suppose I was just a boy) a philosopher called Naet Twead purchased the castle site for a purely nominal sum from the city. His plan was to do up one of the towers. He would then dwell within the tower and live an emeritic lifestyle, growing his own food in his own garden. Searchers after truth would seek him out, sit at his…

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