Dullard boaters, rats on string, Thunderbird machines and Sunday, Bloody Sunday #narrowboat #england

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

It must be said, so I’ll say it. Humans really are not the brightest little lumps of squishy protoplasm wandering the planet. This dullard in particular would probably fail to register at all should he be subject to an IQ test.


The Cardinal has one-way glass in the windows and portholes. Provided that there is no direct sunlight streaming through, I can see out but others cannot see in. Ninety-nine and two-thirds people out of one hundred think that because they can’t see me, I can’t see them. Smoke from the chimney, music on, bow doors open, engine running, you name it, they think that there’s no-one home. This seventeen-second video sums it up.

Blokes pee in the bushes right alongside the Cardinal, dog walkers stand and watch their charges cr*ap on my mooring lines, folk stand and discuss their most intimate of (usually boring) intimates, not knowing…

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2 thoughts on “Dullard boaters, rats on string, Thunderbird machines and Sunday, Bloody Sunday #narrowboat #england

  1. Sir you are too kind, and I thank you for it! In the words of Herman’s Hermits, there’s a kind of hush here this evening, not so much as a light breeze. I suspect that it is all in preparation for dear Storm Helene, set to wax blustery in the next few days. If anyone wants me I shall be battening down the hatches… 😉

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