How to Reach Forgotten Markets for Self-published Books – by Anne-Catherine De Fombelle…

on The Alliance of Independent Authors:

Looking at the indie publishing community these days, it seems authors can be split in two groups: the “going wide” group, and the others who prefer betting on one outlet (the most relevant) for their book. Anne-Catherine de Fombelle, Chief Globalization Officer for self-publishing aggregator StreetLib, a valued ALLI Partner Member, probes the concept of “the forgotten markets”  that can be reached by going wide.

If you have been following StreetLib’s activities and global vision in the past years, you know we are all about going wide. We still firmly believe that getting your books out there, in as many places and formats as possible, will only help to increase your readership. And this opinion seems to be shared by a lot of indie authors who do just that. With this post, I want to make sure that you aren’t missing out on any markets, formats or outlets where your book could be found and bought.

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