Short Story/Serial Monday

666 – the number of the beast.

Author Don Massenzio

This week’s story is a strange one that, once again, came out of a combination of my travel experiences. First, the story’s title, Room 666, comes from a recent stay in room 668 of a hotel. There was, in fact, a room 666 next door to me and every time I passed it on the way back to my room I thought, there’s a short story idea in that room.

The second part of this comes from a leisure stay in a hotel in which the room next to mine had very loud music coming from it (Pink Floyd for the most part) with the odor of a particular kind of smoke wafting into the room.

Sure enough, when I checked out, I heard the hotel manager berating the guests from that room for smoking with a threat to charge them extra.

All of these bits of data wove themselves…

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