47 Popular Pinterest Group Boards You Need to Join Today – by Janice Wald…

on Mostly Blogging:

Are you able to generate blog traffic from Pinterest?

Since Pinterest’s algorithm changed in recent years, bloggers are reporting they are finding Pinterest more challenging as a source of blog traffic.

This post is a follow-up to my post, The Complete Pinterest Guide That Will Make You See More Traffic & Money. That post explained your Pinterest strategy needs to include group Pinterest group boards. This post will tell you which Pinterest group boards to join.

This post will share 47 Pinterest group boards you can post your blog graphics to on Pinterest.

Some of these boards have tens of thousands of people pinning to them. Think of what kind of exposure that is for you!

Since each graphic has a link to your post embedded, people who see your pins on the boards merely have to click the pin for you to see Pinterest traffic.

The boards represent a variety of blogging niches.

To avoid duplication, the boards are listed in alphabetical order.

For your convenience, links to the boards are included so you can easily access them.

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10 thoughts on “47 Popular Pinterest Group Boards You Need to Join Today – by Janice Wald…

  1. Hi Chris,
    Thank you so much for sharing my post with your readers. I appreciate it! Pinterest is a social media site that can help bloggers of all niches.
    Hope the end of summer is treating you well.

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