I Would Be A Terrible Damsel In Distress…

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Some Words That Say What I Think

People often say that millennials are afraid of commitment; that we expect too much from life and can never be truly satisfied because we are constantly looking to align our idealised version of the world with a reality that is far too flawed and complicated to fit in with our vision.

I do not agree with this viewpoint because, as a unique individual, I resent being categorised a generalised representative of my entire generation.

That being said, I am actually absolutely terrified of commitment.

If anything, my refusal to identify as a typical millennial is probably because the idea of committing to the label of typical millennial is too much for my millennial brain to handle.

However, in some ways,  I’m happy that I was born in millennial times because I don’t think I would have coped very well in the age of chivalry.

img_0253 Honestly, if I had to choose…

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6 thoughts on “I Would Be A Terrible Damsel In Distress…

  1. She runs right underneath the dragon who flips over trying to follow her, lands on the knight and squishes him to death. The dragon gets up, walks away hoping no-one (left alive) saw what happened and resumes its day-job of ‘cat’. The ex-damsel-in-distress is still running … in marathons! Who knew you could run that fast in that dress! 😀

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