So dismal this morning that I had to use a torch to find the candelabrum #narrowboat #england

Another action packed update from The Cheshire Canals

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

Apparently this is the tail-end of Storm Egremont or Egbert of Eckythump, or something, bringing the relatively warm, wet, windy and California-wildfire-smoke-laden wotsits to England. Second-hand ruddy smoke, that’s all we need. At least it’s Californian, so I suppose that a percentage of it will be …psychedelic smoke.

There are very few boats moving so far this morning. Doubtless most of the hireboat boliday-makers are in their bunks, all thinking “oh f-f-f-fudge”, and the rest of us are looking out over our second cafetierre of coffee and thinking “nope, not at the moment”.

To make me out a liar the Universe has just sent one hireboat past as I typed that, lights on inside and the two on the stern swathed in blue nylon and grim determination. Faces like elderly French bulldogs p*ssing in a nettle-patch.

Yesterday was more of a boating day. I photographed this solid-looking beastie from the…

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One thought on “So dismal this morning that I had to use a torch to find the candelabrum #narrowboat #england

  1. Thank’ee, sir – tis much appreciated. As it happened it turned into not a bad day, all things considered. Mind you, I do notice that it is now pitch-black dark and not yet 21:30hrs… are the nights drawing in? Yikes and gadzookery!



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