Book Promo – Get ‘The Relik’ series by Nathan J. Keller – FREE – TODAY ONLY…

The USA-based Online Book Club and several UK reviewers have awarded it 5 stars.

The comments include: Fantastic!  A refreshing breath of fresh air in the young adult dystopian fiction genre. Highly recommended. Beautifully written and captivating. Great characters and fast-moving plot. Exhilaratingly unpredictable.

The Relik

(The Relik Series Book 1)

A tragic accident leads to a teenaged boy waking up in the year 7033, and into a living nightmare of servitude and violence.

The world has changed, its climate and languages with it, and European culture revolves around a new religious authority at a place called ‘The Library’, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Tensions and cruelties abound, and the boy, Jim, must either face a bleak future as a religious slave, or escape to a better life with the young and mysterious Sarah, a girl burdened with her own secrets.

With powerful forces ranged against them, can Jim and Sarah find a way to
freedom, and what terrible revelations will they stumble onto along the way?



The Relik Children

(The Relik Series Book 2)

The second part of The Relik Series. Jim and Sarah face new dangers in the cold lands of the Alps, from an old foe… and a familiar face.




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