How to use writing program Scrivener (The Basics)

Another excellent tutorial from Ari 👍😎

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I have been asked a few times about the program I use for writing my novels.  So I thought I would take a break from the World Builder series to go through the basics of Scrivener.

Title Image: How to use the writing program Scrivener (The Basics). Image: Scrivener Logo

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3 thoughts on “How to use writing program Scrivener (The Basics)

  1. I think Scrivener can be a great tool, but what about plain old TextEdit on Mac or Notepad? How about notecards and cork boards? I’ve gotten to a point as a writer, I feel like we’re just constantly being marketed to. Buy my product. James Joyce didn’t need Scrivener. Faulkner didn’t. Hemingway. We’re overcomplicating this shit.


    • I tend to agree with you regards the marketing to buy all these products, Jeffrey, they don’t guarantee success. However, anything that helps with spelling, grammar and punctuation is good – so that the inner writing / storytelling talent is free to roam 😀


      • Indeed, and I think that’s what many writers search for: magic in a bottle. Software that calms the inner critic. The promise that the ease of this product or that product will arrange one’s fragmented thoughts and type out the next great American novel or memoir or screenplay. I’ll raise my hand at least. I’m totally not knocking Scrivener. I’ve recommended it to more than a handful of writer friends over the years. It’s been a godsend for some, while others find it too complex. I get both. And if it works for you, go with it, by all means. The writing is what’s most important after all. Best to you.

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