How to make your Facebook easy to find

Jean's Writing

Does your Facebook account have a lot of numbers after your name?

Looks something like this…

Why should you personalize your Facebook URL?

  • Well, one reason would be to enable people to find your group or page easier.
  • Another is setting up a Facebook email address enables you to send out mass emails to your followers.

It’s easy peasy to personalize your Facebook address. 

Whether it’s a personal, business or a group account, the process is the same. All it takes is two steps and you’re done.

  1. Open your Facebook Account or Group and click on “…More.”

2. Arrow down until you see “Web and Email Address.”

As you can see I’ve created one as an example. If yours isn’t customized you’ll see a list of long numbers instead of your name. See illustration above. 

That’s all there is to it. Now you have a special name attached…

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